GSTIRN-C is a small freeware program that simulates the movement of massfull bodies according to the cinematic and Newton's law. It uses the iteration method of Euler-Cauchy. In a most general way GSTIRN-C allows to put up to 640 bodies in space just by creating a text-file including initial position, mass, density and velocity (for further information see the readme-text).

Linux-version now available
download it here:
old DOS-version:
very old BASIC-Version: gstirn-h.bas
how to create a ring of N bodies: (pdf)
"Sobre a origem e a evolução do Sistema Solar" oess.pdf
last update 9.5.2009
comments to: gstirn-c at rybski dot de
news 30.10.2007: Is "Horsing Around on Saturn", pdf (2005) inspired by "How to create a ring of N bodies" (2000)? read this paragraph.




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